RGB waterproof LED Strip

RGB waterproof LED Strip


o   Item: AB5050NWF150F
o   led type:SMD5050
o   led quantity:150pcs
o   Colour available:red/green/blue/yellow/white/cool white/warm white
o   Viewing angle(2θ1/2): ≥140°
o   Luminous flux:(lm):red:525, green:525,blue:525,yellow:525,pure white:1500,cool white:1500.warm white:1500
o   Wavelength range:?nm or K??red?619?635; green:512?528; blue:463?475, yellow:580?590; pure white?5500?6500; cool white?9000?11000,warm white:2700?3300.
o   Working voltage:DC12V
o   Power:36W
o   Driving mode:constant
o   Connection wire:double coreRVV black and red.Red:VI+, black?VI-.
o   Standard size:5Meters
o   Size:5000*10*2.5mm
o   Color:yellow
o   Back glue:5000*10mm,3M double sided glue.
o   Woring temperature:?40???60?
o   Store temperature: ?50???80?
o   IP level:IP33
o   Life span: >50000 H 
o   Net weight:300±10?g
o   Packing:Aluminium and foil bag(Vacuum)

Product Origin: China
Model Number: AB5050WF150FRGB
Brand Name:  

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